Inspection Terminal Dutch Customs

Inspection Terminal for the Dutch Customs Department at the Maasvlakte in the Rotterdam harbor. Addition to the existing terminal for containers and a customs training center. Approximately 6.000 sqm.

Involvement DLP:

  • From 2014 till 2015
  • Project manager / architect @cepezed
  • Preliminary and Final Design
  • Managing internal team cepezed
  • Managing multidisciplinary design team
  • QA based on system engineering


The Dutch department of Real Estate, commissioned by the Tax / Customs Department, selected the multidisciplinary design-team of cepezed architects, Hosper landscape architecture and urban design, IMd Consulting Engineers, DGMR Advisors and Valstar Simonis Advisors Installation for the expansion of the State Inspection Terminal (RIT) of the Customs at the Maasvlakte II in the Rotterdam Harbour.

The new terminal will be build next to the existing Customs Terminal on the Maasvlakte. The terminal facilitates the inspection of goods that pass through Rotterdam harbor. Inspections in the new terminal can be carried out according to the latest and highest standards. The project provides, in addition to the new terminal, the construction of a training center for sniffer dogs en customs officials.

DLP managed the design process as the project manager / architect for cepezed. DLP was responsible for the internal team of architects at cepezed and the multidisciplinary designteam, and furthermore for alignment with client and user, contract formation, planning and finance.