Corporate Learning Centre Rijkswaterstaat

Corporate Learning Centre for Dutch Governmental Water Affair Department, at the headquarters of Rijkswaterstaat in Utrecht (Westraven). Approximately 2.000 sqm, completed in 2013.

Involvement DLP:

  • From 2012 till 2013
  • Lead architect @cepezed
  • Preliminary and Final Design
  • Technical Design & Specifications


Rijk­swa­ter­staat man­ages and de­vel­ops the na­tional roads, wa­ter­ways and wa­ters of the Nether­lands. The colour yel­low has been chosen by the interior architect as it is a sig­nal colour in the world of traf­fic and en­gi­neer­ing. The yel­low rib­bon that runs through the floors, glass walls and ceil­ings con­nects the var­i­ous func­tions: re­cep­tion desk, train­ing ar­eas, break-out ar­eas, the li­brary and the cen­tral meet­ing area.

Cepezed, as the original architect of the office building, was part of the design team that transformed the existing office wing into the learning centre, mainly to make sure any additions would fit into the existing architectural concept. The project was managed by RoyalHaskoning DHV according to the principal of Virtual Design and Construct.

As the project leader and architect for cepezed DLP participated in the VDC team and incorporated the interior design (done by Groen + Schild) into the existing architecture and technical installations.